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Jules L÷wenthal

Birthday: November 8
Hometown: Apeldoorn
Married: Yes
Musician since: 1974
Favourite Music: Country-rock
Favourite Band: The Eagles
Hobby's: Music, Billiard, Bridge



Jules founded a band, together with Danny (yes the same Danny he plays with today), called "Sunflower". In this band he was the leadsinger and he played rythm-guitar. In those days they played music from Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. and some country-music. Sunflower lasted for about 2 years.
In the following years Jules played in several bands, I'll give a list here...

The Witterlands
Desperado (again)

We are a fine team. I can say it, 'cause I've had some teams before.... What I like most about "Refresh" is the perfect mix of experienced musicians and great (young and enthousiastic) singers. Plus the fact that all members of the band sing.... our close-harmony is great.... and I enjoy good singing harmony. Every week-end when we are "On Tour", I have a great time.... See you soon ......

12 Months of Roses

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